These 7 Tips Will Keep Your House From Smelling Like a Litter Box

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Just thinking about the litter box can make many cat owners cringe. Dealing with the litter box really is the only part about owning a cat that is less than amazing. However, there are many ways to keep your house from smelling like a litter box. One idea is to install a cat door so that your cat can relieve itself outside and reduce the odors inside the cat box. Here are five other tips to reduce odors from The Refined Feline, makers of modern cat furniture.

Tip #1: It’s All About The Cat Litter

Even when you purchase the best cat litter on the market, it still gets odorous with time. Some kinds of cat litter are better than others at hiding odors so you can always try a new one. If you have multiple boxes, try a different litter in just one. See what you and your cat prefer, and which does the best job at covering odors. Once you’ve made the decision, you should transition to the new litter slowly and make sure your cats are using it.

Cats also have a much stronger sense of smell than humans & extra scented litter can be too strong for them. So, you may find out that your cat prefers unscented or less intensely scented cat litter. Unscented litter can work just as well as scented litter does. Also, the amount of cat litter you use can be as essential as the type. Keeping the box fuller will trap odors better than a box with barely any cat litter in it. Waste is also more likely to stick to the box and keep odors around when there is not enough litter in it. Cats like to bury their waste and they also want to hide the odor. They’re likely to dig for a while if they can’t hide their waste well enough which creates a bigger mess.

Tip #2: Scooping Daily Is Essential

It’s no surprise that waste sitting around in the litter box will cause lingering odors. So, frequent scooping will help keep the odor under control. Scooping right after your cat goes is one of the best ways to stop odors in their tracks. This will also prevent your cat from seeking out other cleaner places to do their business.

Tip #3: Consider Getting An Automatic Litter Box

There are many things to consider when getting a litter box. If you aren’t home to scoop every time your cat goes, you may want to consider an automatic litter box. These automatic litter boxes usually have an arm that sweeps through the litter to collect the solid waste. It is then gathered into a separate compartment that needs to be emptied once full. Programmable timers on the litter box keep it fresh no matter how many times your cat uses it.

There are many types of automatic litter boxes available nowadays so make sure to find one that works for you. Most models tend to focus on collecting solid waste but some are made to specifically collect liquid waste. Make sure you do your research and know which kind of cat litter is best for each style. Using the wrong litter in automatic litter boxes can cause mechanical issues eventually.

Tip #4: The Location Of The Litter Box Is Also Important

Moving the litter box to a new location can make a big difference in odor circulating around your home. The smells can get around much easier if the box is centrally located. Plus, your cat probably won’t like being in the open area. This can make cats feel exposed when they’re doing their private business. Putting it in a more private area is best and will make your cat feel more secure.

Tip #5: Use Litter Box Furniture That Is Ventilated

Cat litter box furniture from The Refined Feline gives both you and your cat the best of both worlds. Their Refined Litter Box Deluxe offers felines a secure spot to do their business while trapping odors. It is available in both a large and x-large size, and the x-large is designed to fit most automatic litter boxes. Ventilated slots on the back fit charcoal filters to keep the litter box fresh for your cat and your home. The included plastic litter liner inside also helps contain litter from digging. Four color options are available as well as multiple feet and door styles. With multiple customizable features, you can make this amazing litter box cabinet right in with your home. Visitors won’t even know the cabinet is for your cat!

litter box cabinet with gray and white cat exiting the cabinet

Tip #6: The Litter Box Isn’t Made To Last Forever

Even after cleaning the litter box, you may still notice some lingering odor. Frequent scooping is great, but little pieces still remain. In addition to scooping, you'll need to clean out the litter entirely every few weeks. After emptying the old litter out, wash the box with warm water and soap, rinse it, and let it dry. The more frequently you give the whole box a cleaning the less you’ll notice lingering odors..

Also, keep in mind that over time your cat's claws will scratch the plastic and these little scratches can hold bacteria. Replacing the litter box yearly will keep your home smelling fresher and your cat happier.

Tip #7: An Air Purifier Will Help Reduce Odors

Many cat parents tend to spray to cover up odors. All that really does though is mask odors temporarily. If you want to have fresher air that is free of chemicals, consider getting an air purifier. They will continuously clean the air in your house. This eliminates smells and can improve air quality dramatically. An air purifier will also help reduce pollen and allergens keeping the dander floating around in your home to a minimum. People and pets alike will all be able to breathe a little easier.

Reduce Litter Box Odors With These Tips!

Hopefully these tips will help to reduce stinky litter box odors. Keeping a clean and tidy litter box and area can help improve smells you may already be experiencing in your home. Use some of these tips from The Refined Feline and your home will be like a breath of fresh air!

My Favorite Cat Litter

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