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How to Care for a Disabled Cat

Owning a disabled pet is not for everyone. It requires an extra level of care on the part of the pet's owner, they need to be willing to adjust their own lifestyles in order to provide proper care for their pets. This can involve purchasing special equipment, medication, or alterations for the home.

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Image by Peter Raimann from Pixabay

Even if a disabled pet doesn't incur any of those extra costs, it will still be more demanding than regular pet ownership. Disabled cats and dogs are significantly less likely to be adopted from shelters and, therefore, often end up being euthanized.

If you are someone who feels able to cope with the demands of owning a disabled pet, this guide is for you. Looking after a disabled pet is a lot easier with a little guidance. Here are some top tips for looking after your disabled cat.

Buy Your Cat a Wheelchair

If your cat has serious mobility issues, a cat wheelchair is an ideal solution. Wheelchairs are generally used where the cat is missing its front or back legs, although there are one-leg variations. When a cat isn't able to do the things they would normally do, it can end up having an impact on their physical and emotional health. Ensuring that your cat is able to move around as much as possible is important.

Look at Alternative Medicines

There are lots of options out there when it comes to medicines for your pets. Vets have lots of great options you can try, but they are often very expensive. Some people find that their cats just don't respond to the medication that seems to work for other cats. When this happens, alternative medicines might be able to help you. There are lots of natural home remedies for cats you can try.

Be Patient

Even the most caring cat owner will inevitably become frustrated now and then with their pets. The amount of work, and sometimes money, required to look after a disabled cat can sometimes get on top of an owner. You will need to try your best to be patient with your cat, for both your sakes.

If you are becoming stressed, it will have a negative impact on you and your pet. Your pet will be able to pick up on your frustrations and you will inevitably communicate subconsciously to your cat that you aren't happy. There are also the numerous negative effects that stress has on human health to consider. Stress is unhelpful to everyone so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time and space to relax as well as caring for your pet.

Looking after a disabled cat is always going to be a challenge. However, if you are dedicated enough and are willing to put in the required effort, anyone can look after a disabled cat. If you are considering adopting a cat in order to give a good home to a neglected pet, consider opting for a disabled cat instead. If you are willing to take the leap, you will find it an incredibly rewarding experience.