5 Fun Gifts for Cat Lovers

When buying a gift for somebody in your life, it’s good to keep their favorite animal in mind. If you are buying a gift for somebody who loves cats and perhaps even has cats of their own at home, there are tons of fun gift ideas that they are sure to love. Whether you’re looking for a special birthday gift to surprise them with, planning ahead for the holidays or just want to find a small gift as a token of friendship and appreciation, here are some fun gift ideas that any cat lover will love.

2 gray and white kittens in pet bed

Personalized Items

If your friend or relative has a cat of their own, there are plenty of fun personalized items that you can get, featuring their own precious feline. Phone cases, fridge magnets, cushion covers, and even blankets can be made using a photo of their cat that they love and turned into décor for around their home.

Pet Portrait

When you have a pet, there’s nothing better to receive than something that really captures who they are. If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift idea for somebody who has a cat at home, a personalized pet portrait could be the perfect idea. You can find artists that create pet portraits from photos in a wide range of different styles from detailed realism to cool cartoons and graphic art.

Cat Accessories

Getting a gift that your friend can use to have even more fun with their cat is a great idea. There are plenty of accessories that are designed for cats and their humans to have fun with together. If your friend likes to take their cat outdoors, a harness and lead specially designed for cats is a great idea, or you can find cat carrier backpacks for those cats who’d prefer to be carried around. Laser pointer mice are always a safe bet and provide tons of fun for cats and their owners.

Cat-Themed Clothing and Accessories

There are tons of different cat-themed clothing and accessories to consider getting for somebody in your life who loves cats. From T-shirts that are decorated with cats dressed up as characters from their favorite shows like Marvel and Game of Thrones to these cute Cats Cats Cats socks, you really can’t go wrong with adding something cute and feline-themed to their wardrobe.

Sponsor a Cat

If your friend or relative likes to help cats in need, sponsoring a cat that is currently in a rescue center or shelter could be the perfect gift idea for them. Your sponsorship will help the shelter provide food, warmth, vet treatment and other essentials for the cats and the recipient will receive regular updates on how the cat is doing. You could even choose to sponsor a big cat like a lion or a tiger.

Buying a gift for somebody who loves cats can be overwhelming, with so many cute and fun cat-themed gift ideas to think about. To help you choose, consider their other interests and whether or not they have their own cat that you can include in the gift.