Why It's Important to Nutritionally Supplement Your Feline Friends During the Lockdown

cat eating from bowl

The biggest myth surrounding cat ownership is that cats are worry free, self-contained and self-providing pets that require little or no maintenance. Cats are so good at giving people the impression of independence and self-reliance that people believe they don't have to provide the highly focused attention to cats that, say, dogs require. The fact of the matter is that cats do require the same attention to detail that any dog does, and maybe even a little more, in some cases. This is especially true when it comes to probing the controversy regarding whether raw cat food is better that canned cat food or kibbles for your feline ward.

It's a sad thing to look around our country these days and see so many people who have allowed themselves to become overweight and then have to deal with the consequential suffering and ill-health effects of obesity. Diabetes, shortness of breath, constant exhaustion from lugging around so many extra pounds and lowered self-esteem. Of course, the garment industry is singing happy tunes with all the extra thread they have to put together. There's no shortage of explanations for why this situation has come about, but I think when it comes down to it we can only blame ourselves at the individual level for allowing such a condition to take root. After all, how many pounds overweight does one have to get before they realize that something's not right and becoming a problem? 10, 20... 50 lbs? And how long does it take to realize that the magic pills, diets, elixirs and effortless, lose-weight-with-no-work-out machines are products being marketed to your ego, to separate you from your bank account, and not to solve your problem? No... the only way to find an ideal normality is with thorough research, discovery and a lot of hard work accompanied with a healthy life style change. But, enough sermonizing about the human condition. This is about cats, their eating habits and raw cat food.

Feline foods are of two types, complete and food complements. It is important to pay close attention to the type of food when we buy it. Complete cat foods are specifically produced to meet their complete set of nutritional requirements. Cat complements only provide a part of that and cannot be an alternative to a complete meal.

You might wonder why you need to complement food at all when you have an option to buy complete feline foods. Here are a few reasons why you must consider buying Fancy Feast Chicken and Veg Cat Food Pouches for your furry little friend.


Commercial cat foods are manufactured to provide a perfect balance of nutrition. The best way to see that information yourself is to read the nutrition label. Your cat's nutritional requirements keep changing according to its life stage. It would need a different set of nutrition when it is a kitten than when it is an adult, or pregnant. At times like these, it is important to provide additional nutrition to your cat for it to be healthy.

Fussy Eaters

Cats are more finicky about what they put in their mouth than Anton Ego. It doesn't matter to them how complete a meal is if it is not appealing enough. Some cats also lose general interest in food when their diet becomes repetitive. Cat complements are usually broths with fish, meat, and vegetables that cats love to eat. The silky smoothness of the broth and chunks of natural ingredients satisfy their tastebuds while providing a chunk of their nutritional requirements.

Increased Hydration

Cats aren't exactly fond of water, be it drinking or taking a bath. That makes them extremely prone to dehydration and urinary disorders such as CKD. Limited water intake can become life-threatening to cats at times.

Cat complements usually contain 70-80% water while dry foods have only about 10%. This way a cat consumes more water along with the food it eats. It helps to reduce the number of problems associated with dehydration. It also helps a cat with healthy joints and better regulation of body temperature.

Lean Body Mass

Cats, being hunters need to have a lean body mass and strong muscles. Cat complements are high in animal proteins and low in carbohydrates, which make them an ideal food for muscle strength. These food complements also help cats maintain lean body mass and reduce fat mass. It promotes their metabolism and also helps with their immunity to diseases.

Better Bonding

Complements can act as treats for your cat and be part of your interaction with them. Most pet cats are found to be obese these days and choosing a treat for them can be a really difficult task. You can build a routine of feeding these complements in a way so that they will be able to predict and have a better bonding with you. These treats can be fed either on their own or added to their regular meals, which will make mealtime more enjoyable to them. They are also a healthier alternative to treats because treats are usually full of fillers and fats with minimal nutritional content. Cat complements also contain adequate amounts of iron, zinc, and biotin which improve their health by providing better immunity, bone density, vision, and skin.

So unless your vet has advised against it, buy some feline complements for your cat. It is important to remember that they are complements and not complete, and should only be fed in addition to regular food to your cat. But rest assured, feeding these to your cats will get you a lot of brownie points.