Why You Should Get Your Cat a Cat Bed

black cat with toy mouse

When most people get a cat they also get an assortment of accessories for it, such as cat bowls, a litter box, litter scooper, cat toys, and a scratch post. One, often overlooked item, is a cat bed, which can be just as essential as the other items.

You can find a good selection of quality cat beds at places such as Swell Pets. Cat beds come in all shapes and sizes, so you'll have no trouble finding a bed that will suit your cat's needs. There are many different types available too.

Your cat will benefit from having it's own bed and so will you. Here are some of the reasons why:

Cats Like to Lay on Things

Cats like to lay on things. For example, if you take a regular towel and place it on the floor your cat will usually lay on the towel as opposed to the floor. This is true even if your floor is carpeted. Even if you place a sheet of notebook paper on the floor your cat will likely lay on this too. Cats just like to lay on things besides the floor. Try it and you'll see it is true.

However, a sheet of paper or a towel doesn't provide much cushioning and so a cat bed will be much better for your cat, which brings me to reason 2.

Warmth and Cushioning

Because heat rises, the floor can be quite drafty and laying on the floor can become quite cold, especially during the winter.

A cat bed will provide warmth and cushioning for your cat. This is especially helpful for older cats, cats that or ill, or even healthy young cats during the winter months.

Cats Are Territorial

Cats are territorial and like their own things. Your cat will like having something all it's own. Place your cat's bed in a place where your cat normally likes to lay.

Save Your Furniture

Getting your cat his own bed will help to save yours. I'm sure all pet owners are familar with the problem of pet hair all over the furniture or on your own bed. By getting your cat his own bed you'll prevent him from damaging yours or getting cat hair and dander all over your bed and couch.

If you are already a cat owner, you probably know how cats like to claw at their bedding while they attempt to get comfortable. Having a cat bed will help save your furniture and bed from cat claw damage.

Also, some cats can be a little messy and not all cats clean themselves as thoroughly as we'd like them to after using the litter box. By giving your cat his or her own bed you'll keep any potential messes off your furniture and bed. Many cat beds are machine washable too. Try throwing your own bed in the washing machine! It can't be done.

So, as you can see from this article, getting your cat his or her own bed is a win-win situation for both you and your cat.