How to Tell If Your Cat Is Happy: The Signs You Should Watch Out For

Meta desc: Wondering how to tell if your cat is happy? Read on as I show the signs you need to know about, along with what you can do to keep your cat happy!

When it comes to caring for your cat, you'll want to make sure that he isn't only physically healthy, but emotionally stable as well. Just like humans, cats and other animals feel as well, which are a key element to their wellbeing.But what makes us different from our feline friends is how we can make them happy and the signs they show. So if you want to know how happy your cat is to give him cuddles, then read on as I talk about how to tell if your cat is happy.

I'll also talk about how you can tell if your cat is sad and what you can do to stabilize his mood!

Why Should You Know If Your Cat is Happy or Sad?

Why should you know how to tell if your cat is happy or not? Like mentioned, your cat's wellbeing is critical for him to stay healthy and well. If you don't feel comfortable, then you won't be able to perform or think well, resulting in physical symptoms that may detriment your health!

Since cats can't exactly talk and voice out their feelings straight up for you to know, they show signs and actions to have you determine what he feels. And through understanding these effects, you'll be able to take proper action for him to live a healthy life.

How to Tell If Your Cat is Happy

Your cat may be happy for a lot of reasons, may it be from good food down to the cuddles and clean environment he sees! And when he's in a great mood, that means you'll be able to properly play and interact with him without the worry of him harming others or himself.

Here are the signs to look out for so you know your cat is happy and healthy:


If your cat is purring while you pet or cuddle with him, then that's a good sign that he feels safe and comfortable with you.


You'll get to know more about your cat's voices. If your cat is usually talkative and meows at a high-pitched voice, then that means he's happy. If your cat is usually timid and silent, they feel content.

Body Language

You can tell if your cat is happy by the way they look. If your cat blinks slowly or has dilated eyes, then that means he feels affection and happiness. Tilted ears shows your cat feels good, as well as a straight tail.

Another sign to tell if you have a happy cat is through his head. A head pointed forward shows that your cat is eager to greet you to say hello for a friendly sniff. Whiskers pointed forward means your cat is interested in you and wants to play. A very happy cat might even stick their tongue out, wanting to play!

Playtime and Grooming

A happy cat will be eager to play and want to have fun, either with his toys or relax by his bed. He will also want to groom himself because he feels healthy or free from any stress and discomfort.

How to Tell If Your Cat is Sad

Just like how happy your cat can be, he might also feel sad or depressed. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

- Your cat may be suffering from separation anxiety. You might not be spending so much time with him due to long hours at work. Even death of the cat's owner or feeling friend would send him into a deep depression! Feeling neglected also has your cat sad or depressed.

- Your cat may suffer from depression due to hormonal imbalances or other conditions, such as hypothyroidism or other injuries that leave him ill and feeling sad. Other fatal diseases such as Fatty Liver Disease might also be a cause of your cat's, which is very dangerous!

Similar to knowing how to tell if your cat is happy, you should be alert with these signs of your cat feeling sad:

- Cats who are unhappy would be very vocal, sounding mournful with low-pitched yowls. Noisy cats would become very quiet and vice versa, and they might even purr more as a way to comfort himself.

- Your cat may change in attitude, suddenly being more aggressive and fearful. A cat who is sad would usually try to protect himself, wrapping his tail around while crouching low and with high ears. Droopy whiskers also show sadness.

- If your cat lost interest in his daily activities, such as play sessions or eating food, then he might feel too sad to continue with his usual routine. This goes the same for cats who start sleeping more and neglect their grooming.

- To make himself feel better, your cat may start urinating in important areas or around his territory, just for him to assure that he is in familiar places. Sometimes, he would end up scratching a lot just to relieve his sadness and stress!

How to Keep Your Cat Happy

Now that you know how to tell if your cat is happy or sad, here are some tips you should follow to keep your furry friend well taken cared for:

- If you do happen to leave your cat for long periods of time (which makes him feel sad), then make sure to keep him in a clean and amusing environment. It's best to invest in toys and cat trees so your cat won't feel too stuffed or bored and unloved.

- Doubling the area your cat can stay in would make your cat happier. Sun and the outdoors is also a good way to keep your cat happy, so install perches and windows where your cat can enjoy the view.

- Keep your cat happy by feeding him regularly and letting have access to water everywhere he goes. Your cat should eat two healthy meals a day, 8 to 12 hours between each meal. Keep a balanced meal plan with healthy cat food, and your cat will stay happy with a stabilized mood.

- While you can keep your cat amused with toys and a space of his own, nothing can replace the love and affection you can give him. Always allot a bit of time during your day to cuddle and play with your cat. Making your cat feel loved will keep him happy, just like us humans!

In Conclusion

Your cat's happiness and emotional wellbeing is very important for him to stay healthy and without worry of him being sick. Knowing if he's happy or sad will let you know how to deal with your cat properly. That way, you won't be spending loads in vet offices wondering why your cat feels or looks sick!

I hope that this article shows you how to tell if your cat is happy. Not only will a happy cat stay healthy and live long, but his positive emotions will spread to you as well! So what are you waiting for? If you feel like your cat is happy, then give him more cuddles and the love he deserves today.

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