Cat Breeds that are Less Likely to Trigger Your Allergies

hairless cat lying down

The source of most pet-related allergies comes from cats. The reaction can be instant with watery, itchy eyes, irritated skin, and hives. Allergies are one of the top reasons people who like cats never pursue adopting them. There's an automatic assumption that if you had a bad experience with allergies from cats once, it would always be that way. You'll be forever doomed and never experience the love, affection and endless entertainment of owning a cat.

The good news is, that doesn't have to be the case. The best option for pet owners to manage their allergies is to work closely with a dermatologist for allergy testing and treatment options.In addition, some cats may not cause severe allergies, and there are ways pet owners can reduce the severity of allergens from cats.

Cat Breeds To Consider

Cat breeds considered hypoallergenic, or that produce a reduced amount of allergens, include:


Balinese cats are known for their striking coats and piercing blue eyes. This stunning cat is the most coveted and produces fewer allergens.


Bengal cats are chatty, playful, love attention, and shed significantly less. They have distinctive spots and make a great family pet. Bengals are less likely than some other cat breeds to cause allergic reactions.


Siberian cats are medium-sized, have thick hair, and shed regularly but produce substantially less Fel-d1, which can trigger allergies. They're beautiful, sociable, affectionate and feisty.


Siamese cats look similar to Balinese cats. Their striking beauty can often be mistaken for a Balinese. However, they require less attention. These beauties are vocal, loyal and can be a bit mischievous. They shed less than most cats and are a great choice for people who have mild allergies.


The Sphynx is a virtually hairless cat whose skin is covered with peach fuzz, so there's little to no shedding. Sphynx can sometimes share a dog's temperament in terms of the lack of fear of strangers and their bold and sweet affection. They're acrobatic cats, graceful in their leaps and mesmerizing to watch. The mutation that causes hairlessness in Sphynx cats also necessitates weekly bathing. This frequent bathing has more to do with their reduced allergenicity than anything about the cat itself.

Devon Rex

The whimsical Devon cat has curly hair that sheds minimally. Don't mistake the Devon cat's lack of motivation for slow-to-grasp cats. They're brilliant, fast learners, and it takes some creativity to motivate them. The Devon cats are cuddly and loyal. Devon cats are often regarded as the best cat for people suffering from allergies.

Ways To Reduce Allergic Reactions

Pet owners who suffer from mild allergies may be able to minimize their contact with the allergenic fallout from their cat––fur, dander, and saliva.If you are ready to take the plunge and become a cat owner now, here's a checklist of how to minimize allergic reactions:

Before adopting your next feline friend, it’s always important to spend time with a cat indoors to determine the severity of any allergic reaction you may have.

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