Did You Know That Cats Can Benefit Naturally from Hemp Products?

While there has been more research on the benefits of hemp when used therapeutically for dogs, a growing body of research is looking at how cats might benefit from hemp products for cats. For just a moment, forget the stigma of giving your cat mind-altering drugs because that's not what this is all about. Hemp products do not contain the psychoactive compound of THC and will not result in your cat acting like it just overdosed on catnip! It's time to look at just a few of the ways in which your feline friend can benefit from hemp, and soon you'll be looking for where to get these products to relieve a number of the symptoms your cat is exhibiting.

gray cat
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Hemp for Inflammation

Cats suffer from a huge number of health problems related to inflammation, the most common being inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, pancreatitis, and skin conditions. In the past, veterinary doctors used a long line of chemical pharmaceuticals to treat inflammation, depending on which type they were suffering from. The CBD component of hemp is a natural treatment for inflammatory issues and is being used effectively around the world with fewer side effects than its chemical counterparts.

For the Treatment of Cancer

Even in humans there are insufficient scientific studies to show how hemp with high amounts of cannabidiol works to prevent or slow the progression of cancer, but it has been used effectively to do just that. More studies are needed in humans, dogs and cats to determine why it's effective, but there is enough clinical data to show that it can work and has worked effectively in most species studied.

Asthma and Upper Respiratory Infections

Another interesting natural benefit of hemp for cats is its ability to treat asthma and upper respiratory infections effectively. It could be the anti-inflammatory properties of CBDs, but there may be some other mechanism at work here as well. What has been observed is that cats who have suffered from respiratory infections or conditions since they were kittens have found relief from hemp for cats.

Seizures and Anxiety

When it comes to the central nervous system, hemp has long been known to offer relief from frayed nerves. Anxiety and seizures are being treated with natural hemp and if you think cats can't suffer from seizures or anxiety, you are sorely mistaken. Some vets prescribe antianxiety pharmaceuticals but others suggest using more natural therapies and some vets even carry hemp products in their clinics. While they are few and far between, there really are vets who do keep hemp for cats and dogs in stock.

As time goes on and further research is conducted, a greater body of evidence will be forthcoming. For the time being, it's safe to say that hemp with its powerful CBDs can give cat owners a powerful alternative to traditional chemical pharmaceuticals. That's something any cat lover can surely appreciate and what you might want to discuss with your vet on your next visit.