Cat Health: 5 ways to get rid of your cat's upset stomach

mostly white cat with gray lying down

Cats do get occasional stomach problems. Just like in the case of humans, the upset makes the cats feel lousy. But remember your feline friend will never talk to you to express such a feeling. Now, this is where it becomes your responsibility as the cat owner to see to it that the problem is properly identified and a remedy provided before the situation gets out of hand.

Ways of identifying a cat with a stomach upset

gray cat laying in a blanket

One of the most known ways of identifying this problem is by the feline friend vomiting. This can happen at some of the least expected times for example while driving your car. This is the point that it becomes so stressful for the two of you. She may be staring at you without blinking as a way of trying to pass the message, but if you don't understand cats, then you may be surprised and fail to understand her.

She is simply informing you of the pain she is going through. Take the necessary steps. But as you already know, there is no better place that provides solutions to cat problems than this site. Look out for the 5 ways to get rid of your cat's upset stomach that has been extensively discussed in this article. Make the cat feel like a Queen because she deserves it.

A close look at the 5 ways to get rid of your cat's upset stomach

If your cat starts behaving sick, then act immediately on this to avoid the messes like poop and vomits that are often associated with illnesses. Having control of a cat's bowel is very difficult especially if it is a recurring problem.

The first step towards being able to get rid of your cat's upset stomach is through understanding it better. Is it a one-time occurrence that will never happen or is it a problem that appears continuously over a period of time? How will you gauge the category under which the upset falls?

Here is how to do it.

Possible causes of one-time stomach upset in cats

Causes of recurring stomach upset in cats

Having understood what can cause such problems, it is important that we look at the 5 ways to get rid of your cat's upset stomach.

1. Hydration Check

a cat getting examined by a veterinarian

Stomach upsets in cats are always associated with diarrhea and vomiting in most cases. It, therefore, means that the cat is likely to lose a lot of water from her body system. The situation is likely to worsen if lots of water is lost without replacement.

How do you gauge the amount of water that the cat has already lost due to the stomach upset? Just pull the skin that is located on the cat's shoulder and monitor how quickly it goes back to its position. Any delay to get back to position means that the cat is dehydrated.

Be careful when administering fluids to the cats as it might in some cases worsen the condition. Flavored drinks and ice chips are preferred to get the cat out of such a state.

2. Proper diet

bowl of cat food

There are cat foods that have been specifically designed to help cats that have stomach upsets. Some of these cat foods are specially formulated to best suit cats having any sensitive stomach issues. If your cat is having any stomach related issues including vomiting, these are the ideal food to get your cat.

You can always try them out, and you will surely make the cats' upset stomach a history only read in the books. Bland food made of cooked rice and boiled chicken is very necessary as well.

3. Hairball remedies

If the problem is due to hairballs, then a product like Tomlyn Hairball Remedy Gel will save you a lot. You can as well use a bit of Vaseline petroleum jelly on the cat's paw for licking off and by extension helping in the process of passing hairballs.

Regular grooming is also another good way of eliminating hairballs in cats.

4. Treatment

It is always recommended that you take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as you realize some abnormalities in your feline friend. The vet can put the cat under medication depending on the diagnosis done.

Such treatments include and are not limited to the elimination of possible parasites in the cat's body system. The best dewormer for cats does the magic when it comes to getting the parasites off the cat. Different treatment mechanisms are available when it comes to getting rid of your cat's upset stomach.

5. Going natural

gray cat eating cat grass

These furry friends like to eat grass. Have you ever asked yourself why? In real sense, the grass makes the cat vomit. Can you imagine that this vomit is very necessary for a cat with an upset stomach?

This makes the cat get rid of the foreign substance that is causing the discomfort. The grass should, however, be safe for consumption. There are pet stores that sell this grass.

Wrapping Up

Stomach discomfort in cats can be very dangerous if not properly handled. There is absolutely no better way to go through it without using any of the 5 ways to get rid of your cat's upset stomach that have been discussed above. Cat's life should never be taken for granted.

I hope you have learned something new. Be careful enough and observe for any weird behaviors in your cat that may suggest that she is having a stomach upset and address them using the 5 ways discussed above.