Entertain Your Indoor Cat With A Bird Feeder

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It is a well known fact that indoor cats are safer than those that are let outdoors. So cat owners are often faced with how to keep their indoor only cats entertained. Keeping your cat entertained is especially important if you only have one cat and if you work or are gone from home for 8 or more hours each day. After living with cats for over 25 years I've found that one activity they really seem to enjoy is looking out the window.

Cats Looking Through Window

You can make looking out the window even more enjoyable for your cat by placing a bird feeder close to, or within view of, a window that your cat has access to. In this way your cat or cats can look out the window and watch the birds when they come to eat. Cats also enjoy watching birds in bird baths.

I have found that my cats will sit and look out the window at the birds for hours. In addition, bird feeders also tend to draw squirrels, which will also keep your cats entertained. I realize that not everyone is fond of squirrels and you can buy squirrel proof feeders. However, if you aren't bothered by squirrels in your back yard the cats certainly enjoy watching them.

If you do place a bird feeder in your yard for your cats to view, they should be indoor only cats and there must be a screen in the window if you have the window open. Otherwise, your cat will most likely get a hold of the wildlife in your backyard, which no one wants. In addition, be sure that you have something sturdy for your cat to sit on by the window.

Cats Watching a Squirrel Through the Window

Cats watching squirrel through window

Everyone benefits when you place either or bird feeder or a bird bath in your yard for your cats to watch through the window. Your cat will benefit because it will be entertained and the birds will also benefit because they have more food and or fresh water. In addition, it will be fun for you to get to watch your cat's reaction to the birds. Plus, you get to entertain yourself by watching the outdoor wildlife.